The ugly face of abortion suddenly has an intense spotlight on it.


I knew that, after the second amendment gun issue had been addressed this time around,  it wouldn’t be long before abortion came up again. There have been rumblings and people addressing the issue in smaller, almost probing ways for a while now, but with one single court case full of horror and atrocity that could turn the stomach of any person with even the smallest amount of compassion and empathy in them, this issue exploded into our national consciousness. Kermit Gosnell has now been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the overdose case of an adult patient and three counts of first degree murder in the deaths of three babies who he killed after birth. He’s been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, an additional two and a half to five years for the manslaughter charge, and other concurrent sentences for 229 violations of Pennsylvania abortion regulations. Needless to say, he will never be a free man ever again. Let’s take a closer look at what we’re talking about here.

First, Gosnell has been found guilty for the death Kamamaya Mongar, who came into his clinic in 2009 and died of an anesthesia overdose. The thing is, Gosnell’s staff were not trained doctors, nurses or anesthesiologists. They were untrained employees that he had conducting medical duties even without the proper training and certifications. So, Ms. Mongar died. She trusted her health to this man and his staff and they failed her utterly.

And the three babies? Gosnell had no problem conducting late-term abortions, including pregnancies that had gone on beyond 24 weeks (6 months), which is the legal cut-off in Pennsylvania. The term that pro-abortion people bandy about, viability, comes into play a lot here. The problem with late-term abortions: Babies at this stage are viable; do have a chance at surviving outside of the womb and it’s far from being a rarity that attempting an abortion at this point will not work…the baby will often come out of the womb alive. That’s what happened with these three. Forget morality, as that went out the window WAY before we got to this point, but legally, the doctor is then supposed to treat the baby like a patient in need and no longer like a mass of unwanted tissue, but not Gosnell. He stayed the course. Instead of helping these children who were lying on the table in distress, he picked up a sharp pair of surgical scissors, brought them to the back of these babies necks, sliced through their flesh and cut through their spinal columns in order to kill them. I’m sorry for the graphic content of that sentence. Just writing it made me a little nauseous, but that’s what he did. There’s no sugar-coating it, no easing the impact. He cut their spinal columns. He joked about killing these babies as if it was nothing important. He even kept dead babies stuffed inside a refrigerator at the clinic and a collection of feet that he cut off of babies that it’s believed were born alive during the abortion procedure. According to John Taggart, a Philadelphia crime scene investigator, the clinic would also shove body parts down the garbage disposal to get rid of them. Kermit Gosnell was as far away as you can get from the image of an abortionist as Planned Parenthood and other similar clinics try to present.

Now think about how you feel after reading the above. This is what Eric Ferrero, the vice-president for communications of Planned Parenthood Federation of America had to say: “The jury has punished Kermit Gosnell for his appalling crimes. This verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by Kermit Gosnell ever again. This case has made clear that we must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal abortion, and we must reject misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.” Did you hear what he actually said? He focused on the victimization of women, which is of course a terrible thing, but didn’t mention a single word about babies being victimized. If you have any doubt about how these abortion-based operations feel about babies, just keep that quote in mind whenever the issue comes up. Secondly, look at what he said about rejecting “misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.” The law that ‘forced’ a huge number of women to Gosnell was one prohibiting late-term abortions, specifically abortions after six months. What Mr. Ferrero is calling for is legal access to late-term abortions and, whether he’d admit it or not, ultimately legal access to abortions at any time up to birth. This is simply part of their agenda to remove any concept of personhood from the unborn, even the arbitrary one that put into play by the Supreme Court in 1973 and followed up on by state legislators ever since. This is the focus of Planned Parenthood in the aftermath of this slaughter of babies and disrespectful treatment of their remains; the advancement of their political and business agenda. Founder Margaret Sanger would be so proud.

I have heard people calling Gosnell a monster, asking how could someone do the horrible things that he has done. I don’t think it’s that complicated an issue. The simple fact is that, whenever a human being takes the life of another human being, there’s a price for that. A piece of your humanity dies. I’m not saying that there aren’t cases where it is justified to take life. I’m a supporter of the death penalty. I’m a supporter of protecting yourself and others from attack, even to the point of lethal force. And I’m definitely a supporter of our military, who are called on often, not only to put their lives on the line and possibly die, but also to kill. It’s a job that must be done and one that I’m so grateful that they’re there to do. But it is still true that taking a life is not something to be done lightly and there is a price to pay. Different people deal with this internal loss differently. Some are able to focus on the good they do, such as many of our soldiers. Some use it  to make a positive impact in the world. But many get lost and lose themselves in despair and guilt, while still others lose their humanity to an extent that human life has no real meaning anymore and they become what we see as ‘monsters’. This is what I suspect happened to Kermit Gosnell. What should’ve been living human beings in need before him, in his eyes, were only paychecks, non-viable tissue to get rid of, and annoyances that needed to be killed and shoved out of sight so he could move on to the next paycheck.

This brings me to the second thing that I’ve heard a lot lately: that Kermit Gosnell was an aberration, that he was not the norm and this sort of thing almost never happens with an abortionist. Well, let me tell you that Gosnell was nothing special. He wasn’t a Gacy or a Manson. He was a man who went to medical school, jumped through all the hoops and took all the time to become a doctor. He’s a man who took the Hippocratic Oath and, I suspect, meant what he said at the time. But he chose a path that ended with his soul and his compassion and his humanity being eaten away to nothing. He became a man who could execute a born, living baby and then joke about him being big enough to walk down to the bus stop. It’s incredibly unrealistic to believe that this man was just weak or evil and that all other doctors who perform abortions are too strong to fall in the same way.

We already know that’s not true anyway. Just the other day, charges were made by three women who worked for an abortion clinic in Texas that the abortionist killed multiple babies after birth; according to one woman, about three to four were ‘completely delivered’ out of every 20. They claim that the ‘doctor’ would kill these children by cutting their spinal chord as Gosnell did, stabbing them through the head or abdomen, drowning them, suffocating them by forcing a finger down the baby’s throat or tying them in plastic bags, actually twisting the child’s head off with his bare hands or throwing them in to garbage cans to die of exposure and starvation. These are not isolated, aberrant cases. These crimes happen constantly because the baby is not seen as an innocent life in need of protection, but as an annoyance, an obstacle, offending parasitic tissue. When you decide that someone has absolutely no value, there’s no longer anything stopping you from doing whatever you please to them.

I would love to say that we’re on a slippery slope where human life is about to be devalued in many ways, but, chief among them, by a casual attitude toward ending that life, but it’s not true. We’re not on a slippery slope because we’ve been sliding further and further down that slope for years. Yearly, either close to or over a million abortions are performed in the U.S. every year, depending on the year. That’s a lot of life being ended…a lot of life being devalued as being not ‘viable’. It saddens me because I see this devaluation of life in so many ways in our society today…murders, school shootings, abductions, rapes, child and spousal abuse, etc. I can’t say that any one factor is responsible for where we are today. That would be naive and short-sighted. But it seems to me that every time we cheapen human life, whether we be the ones holding the knife or the gun…or the scissors, or we’re the ones who stand by and do nothing, either by just not caring or by hiding behind this concept that we’re not directly involved or we’re not a part if a particular religious or ethnic or cultural group or that it’s somebody else’s body , so we have no right to judge or even to say anything, we diminish not only the life being devalued, but we also diminish ourselves as both individuals and as a larger group; ultimately in this case, as a nation. I would have hoped we had learned our lesson after World War II or even as recently as September 11, 2001, but apparently, it’s one of those lessons we have to continuously be taught over and over again. When one of us becomes a victim, a true victim, we all become victims. And, when we turn our backs on the victims, we all become victimizers as much as the one who committed the actual act.

Written by: Randy Lynch


I Am a Conservative Republican

I thought I should start with some basics, especially since, if you try to pin down a Democrat on why they’re a Democrat, they won’t tell you anything about the Democrat party or liberalism. Instead, they’ll start talking about how evil Republicans and the GOP are. I don’t want to be equated with liberals or Democrats (sometimes the same thing and sometimes not) and, since most writings on this blog will be dealing with the evils, corruption and danger of the left, I thought I’d start by talking a little about where I stand.

I am a Republican, that is, a member of the party, but I also believe in the tenants of the Republican party. That, plus the fact that I subscribe to conservative principles outside of the boundaries of the political arena, makes me a conservative Republican. But what exactly does that mean?

According to the left, it means that I’m greedy, caring more about filling my own pockets than helping people. It means that I only care about the rich and have no problem with the middle and lower classes being looted and victimized in order to make the rich richer. It means that I’m a sexist who wants to see women have their rights and freedoms restricted. It means that I’m a racist who doesn’t care about anyone who isn’t white, especially if they are black or Hispanic; that I want to see them victimized and kept in a second-class citizen position. It means that I’m a homophobe who hates anyone with a lifestyle different from mine.

Now, if the above is true, then either I’m an idiot or one of the most hateful, self-absorbed people on the planet…or all of that is just a bunch of lies and empty accusations with no basis in truth. Well, guess which option I’m going with.

I’m a conservative Republican because I believe in the principles, rights and freedoms laid out in the Constitution. I believe that all men and women are created equal and that we all have inalienable rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and property. I believe that the job of the federal government should be limited to doing what the states are not capable of, namely:
1) Defense, foreign relations and commerce and interstate commerce;
2) The protection of our constitutional rights;
3) Establishing federal courts;
4) Copyright protection;
5) Printing money;
6) Establishing post offices and post roads and an interstate system;
7) Establishing a national set of universal weights and measures;
8 ) Taxation needed to raise revenue to perform the above functions. (Now, there are other issues about how I believe these taxes should be allowed to be raised, but we’ll get into that at a later date.)

To break this down into a simpler point, I believe in smaller federal government. I believe in government that’s closer to the people and, while this does mean more focus on state and local government, it also means keeping our representatives at every level more connected to life as Americans, not as some elite subset of the population.

I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, religious beliefs or lack thereof, sex, age, or disability. I believe in fiscal responsibility; limiting both taxation and government spending, bringing our national debt under control and balancing our national budget. I believe in free enterprise and capitalism as the best way to make the United States prosperous and strong. I believe in maintaining a strong national defense; protecting our citizens at home and abroad and countering threats from foreign sources. I believe in individual liberties and responsibilities; it’s the government’s job to preserve our freedoms and it’s our job to take an active interest and an active hand in keeping this country strong and on the right path…to make sure that America continues to embody the principles that has made it great.

Now, let me be very clear on a few issues, namely the accusations made against Republicans on a regular basis. Remember that paragraph earlier about what the left claims a conservative Republican is? Well, this last part deals with those misconceptions and outright lies.

Let’s start with the claim that Republicans are racist. The Republican party was formed in the 1850s and it was formed primarily as an organization to stand against slavery. The basic belief of the party was that all people should be free from enslavement and government tyranny. (And, yes, because there were only two parties and the Republicans were opposed to slavery, you can pretty easily guess what party was supportive and protective of the so-called ‘rights’ of slave owners…the Democrats.) Republicans have a history of standing for racial equality and against racist liberal ideals, such as opposition to the Democrat-founded Ku Klux Klan, the Dred Scott decision, and the Jim Crow laws. Republicans also supported, in defiance of Democrat opposition, the passage of the 13th (to abolish slavery), 14th (to give citizenship to all blacks born in the U.S.)and 15th (to give blacks the right to vote) Amendments, Civil Rights Act 1866, Reconstruction Act of 1867, Freedman Bureau Extension Act of 1866, Enforcement Act of 1870, Force Act of 1871, Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871,
Civil Rights Act of 1875, Civil Rights Act of 1957, Civil Rights Act of 1960, 1964 Civil Rights Act, 1965 Voting Rights Acts and the 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Republicans such as Henry L. Morehouse and General Oliver Howard started many of the traditional Black colleges in America. We have fought for true equality for all Americans, not an illusory image of equality that ultimately keeps groups of people repressed nearly as effectively as slavery did. Believe it or not, this is just a glossing over of the issue of race between the Republican and Democrat parties; something I intend to delve into deeper at another time.

Republicans are supposed to be greedy and selfish with, as someone I was debating with recently put it, a “MINE, MINE, MINE” mentality. Yet, the truth is that, by states, organizations and individuals, Republicans give more to charity and individual causes than Democrats…and it’s not because Republicans have more money to start with. Among the MANY things I’ve been accused of, I’ve been accused of being rich (as if having money is, in and of itself, evil) and I so want to do a comparison of my paycheck with them. No, what the major difference is, is that Republicans believe in giving to those in need because of conviction, choice and discernment, not by having the government forcibly confiscate money to redistribute where it decides that the needs are.

The left claims that we are engaging in a “war against women” when the truth is that Republicans have been at the forefront of the fight for equality for women, going back to the suffrage movement, which was heavily supported by both white and black Republicans, to today’s issues of equal treatment, protection from persecution based on gender and equal pay. And, no, being opposed to abortion does not equal being opposed to women or equal rights for women.

I am also not a homophobe. I have no problems on a personal level with anyone because of their sexual orientation. However, when it comes to the majority of gay lobby efforts, especially militant gay efforts, I will stand up against the bullying and damaging practices that often come to the forefront. For example, I have no problem with same sex committed couples being treated with dignity and even being afforded rights commensurate with married heterosexual couples. Truthfully, I would actively support that. But a large number of those who are pushing to have such unions be called ‘marriage’ instead of ‘civil unions’ are obviously doing so to push their lifestyle in the faces of people who don’t agree with the lifestyle, usually for religious reasons. It’s not tolerance that these more militant types are wanting, but unequivocal acceptance to the extent of violating others’ beliefs and convictions. This is a violation of the rights of others for the gratification of some. Then throw in the recent statements by gay activist Masha Gessen that “gay marriage is a lie” and that her overall goal is the extinction of the institution of marriage altogether. There’s no telling how many might agree with her or not at this time, but this is the deliberate targeting and subversion of an established civil and religious institution. So, no, I don’t hate gays at all, but I will stand against this sort of nonsense.

Finally, my views are based partly on my faith and I may be addressing some subjects from a more biblical point of view, but that won’t be the norm on this blog; not because I don’t value my faith, but because most issues I’ll be addressing here will be political and the other side will typically be coming from a secular point of view. Of course I can address the biblical side of the issues, but I also won’t be relying on it.

Thank you for bearing with me on this first ever installment of this blog. Hopefully, it should get more interesting and the issues addressed timely and relevant. If you consider yourself a conservative, I hope you’ll find much here that you an agree with and maybe I’ll even be able to present some knowledge that you can use to increase your own personal armory against liberalism. Also, if you’re easily offended, especially if you consider yourself a liberal, all I can say is: Buckle up, because, for as long as you might continue to read this, it will definitely be a bumpy ride.

Randy Lynch

Written by: Randy Lynch