A Take On The Zimmerman Trial To Irritate Nearly Everyone

July 15, 2013


I’ve backed away from commenting on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case very much outside of the race baiting and bias of the media and the majority of left-wing celebrities and politicians and a little on the actual mechanics of the case, which so few seem interested in anyway. The main reason for that is because I knew that many people, no matter what position they’d chosen to take, would find what I have to say very harsh and probably offensive. Still, here’s what’s been rattling around in my head ever since this trial started:

I’ve noticed that there seem to be three types of people talking about the Zimmerman verdict: those who believe that Zimmerman was a racist piece of trash just out to kill a black kid, those who believe that Zimmerman was totally justified and was only defending himself in a situation that was unavoidable, and those who have been fooled into buying this narrative that Martin was just an innocent, harmless little boy who was victimized by big mean George who apparently ‘took the law into his own hands’ by getting out of his car (which is not a crime, so can’t actually be defined as taking the law into his own hands any more than me taking the law into my own hands by disagreeing with an elected official after being told not to). Oh, there’s also a fourth type: a very tiny group who are addressing the merits of the case and evidence as presented in court. But that group doesn’t really matter to most because they’re not being driven by emotionalism. They’re the type who wait and see instead of taking a hard position on an incident they couldn’t possibly have enough prior knowledge about and then getting happy or angry depending on the outcome, regardless of any facts.

To put a fine point on this, both men were stupid…both made wrong decisions. But there is no one, unless they’re trying to fool themselves or others, that shouldn’t be happy that being dumb isn’t illegal! We’ve all done stupid things and we’ve all done stupid things after being told not to.

The fact is that guilt or innocence is supposed to be decided in a court of law and, if you want to argue that Zimmerman was proved guilty in that trial and the jury just made the wrong decision, then I challenge you to cite what evidence was introduced that proved that Zimmerman committed an actual crime when he drew his gun and fired…that’s where the actual crime in question would’ve taken place. I’d even be fine with saying the jury did a bad job if there was evidence that damned Zimmerman, but that the jury chose to ignore, a la OJ. I don’t see how you can say that here, though. I was waiting for the prosecution to introduce something that would point to Zimmerman’s guilt and make their case beyond the shadow of a doubt that is required by law. They didn’t. Yes, they were both stupid; both made bad decisions, but the truth is, from what was brought out at the trial, Travon Martin did not break the law up until he hit George Zimmerman and Zimmerman did not break the law up until he drew his gun and fired. And, according to the jury, Zimmerman didn’t even break the law then. Don’t like it? Think the prosecution couldve done a better job or introduced more evidence? That’s fine, but the fact is that they didn’t. Whining about what a horrible injustice it was or threatening to riot or trying to raise Zimmerman up as some kind of hero or man of virtue ALL falls into the same category of ignorance. You have to be careful with that sort of attitude; it just shows that agenda takes precedence over everything else.

So, here’s something that might just anger and offend almost everyone:

Trayvon Martin was a thug with a bad attitude and criminal background, an affinity for marijuana who was constantly in fist fights. George Zimmerman had also has run-ins with the law. He had a history of aggression and even a charge of abuse and may very well have a hero complex that led him to be in situations he shouldn’t have been in. He chose to believe he knew better than the police dispatch (not always a bad thing) and exercised what would prove to be very bad judgment. Neither were saints and neither were blameless, so neither should be elevated now, not Martin in death and not Zimmerman in his legal exoneration.

There were good things about both. Martin had been a good student at one point, although with the fighting and school suspensions, that may not have been the recent case. He was good to his family and loved by them. Zimmerman has a reputation for helping those in need in his neighborhood, especially in relation to his neighborhood watch duties. Besides his volunteer work with neighborhood watch, he also served as a mentor to several kids of different racial makeups. So neither of these men were horrible, irredeemable monsters, either.

Did Zimmerman commit 2nd degree murder or manslaughter? We’ll never know. There were only two people who witnessed all of the situation and one is dead. Was it a waste of life that could’ve been avoided? Absolutely. Was a crime committed by George Zimmerman in the eyes of the court? No. And, by the way, on another subject that has started coming up, that also means that his gun should be returned to him. Because the court system found him innocent, in the eyes of the law, no crime was committed by him. There are no due process grounds to deprive him of any of his rights. You can, of course, not like it, but you must accept it.

Now, let me be clear. No matter how you feel about the outcome, rioting is a crime and a cowardly attempt to manufacture an excuse to do what’s already in your heart anyway. Also, putting a price on Zimmerman’s head, as the New Black Panthers have announced that they’ll do, is also a crime and identifies you, not as some kind of crusader for the greater good, but as the kind of criminal filth that needs to be tried, convicted and locked away from the rest of society. Finally, those who want to become morally outraged over this case but refuse to condemn these types of actions above or seek to explain them away as understandable, are hypocrites, cowards and/or complicit in these other crimes. Whatever happened to us discussing issues passionately, but also intelligently and with respect for the rights of the opposition to be the opposition? To know when something’s over and not to escalate and make things worse and create a whole other group of victims?

Written by: Randy Lynch

I Am a Conservative Republican