Riots In Ferguson: Disheartening, But Not Unexpected

I don’t know what happened! I stopped at the gas station on the way into work this morning and bought a soda. On the drive to work, I shook the bottle as hard as I could the whole way. When I got to work, I opened the bottle and…it exploded all over me! I just don’t understand why it would do something like that!

So, tell me. How dumb did I sound just then? Is there anyone reading this who doesn’t understand why the bottle exploded? Yet I’ve been reading and listening to all sorts of people talking about the riots in Ferguson. So many of them are expressing surprise or an inability to comprehend why these people are behaving like this. If you want to play a drinking game that’ll leave you passed out in the floor in no time, just take a drink every time you hear someone say something like, “How could they cause this kind of damage to their own homes and neighborhoods?”

The answer is simple as to why they’re destroying their own neighborhoods: An explosion damages everything around it.

What’s amazing to me is the surprise and shock over it all and the pleas for peace, at least from those who have helped shake the bottle of racial unrest that’s been continuously shaken for decades. For the sake of brevity, let’s take a look at just three who’ve most recently had their hands on the bottle.

President Obama said last night, “I join Michael’s parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully.” He also said, “Michael Brown’s parents have lost more than anyone. We should honor their decision.”

I’m sorry, Mr. President; is that why we should be peaceful? Not because violence is wrong, counterproductive and ultimately self-destructive, but because it’s what the Browns want? Well, thank God they’re not crying for blood, then. Obama’s calls for peace come across as weak, in large part, because of his own contributions to racial tensions and division in America. Typical of most liberals, he’s constantly playing the race card, from claiming that conservatives oppose him because of the color of his skin (as opposed to the deficiency in the content of his character) to taking stands in racially charged cases with no regards to the facts (ie. Henry Lewis Gates and Trayvon Martin) to opening the floodgates to illegal immigrants at our southern border while ignoring the hardships of Americans and the huge number of legal immigrants who have found themselves trapped in a quagmire of red tape that stalls their efforts to gain citizenship the proper way. Add to that, just for fun, his close ties with other race baiters like Derrick Bell, Jeremiah Wright, Dorothy Tillman, and Al Sharpton (We’ll get to him in a minute). Obama’s entire career has been built upon the liberal Democrat practice of using race as a bludgeon to clear the path of any opposition and of building narratives of class and racial division in order to keep the people who fall for those tactics looking to them for some sort of salvation from this supposed cesspool of racial injustice and hatred we call America.

Next up is Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General who, no matter what his color, should’ve been fired, if not brought up on criminal charges, a long time ago. He’s engaged in the practice of racial division with the fervency of a true believer. He’s propagated the narrative that blacks are victims at the hands of evil racist conservatives and corporations…and probably anyone wanting to launch an investigation into his actions as Attorney General. He opposes voter ID law as racist and disenfranchising because, apparently in his mind, only whites are smart enough and rich enough to get cheap and, in many cases, free state-issued IDs. He feels perfectly comfortable inserting the federal government into local criminal investigations like the Trayvon Martin case and now the Michael Brown case, only succeeding in furthering the idea of America being a racist place where minorities have no power, except what is given to them by the government. At the same time, he has refused to do his actual job when it comes to things like investigating the New Black Panther Party for blatant acts of voter intimidation; a crime that is actually in the jurisdiction of the Attorney General. He has worked so hard to drive a wedge and set back race relations in America as much as he possibly can. In contrast to his actions over the last several years, now he’s calling for peace in Ferguson…a request that is obviously falling on mainly deaf ears. Eric Holder has become the equivalent of a man who pulls the pin on a grenade and then begs it not to explode…and he’s proving to be just about as successful.

Then there’s the man who Barack Obama has called “a voice for the voiceless and … dispossessed,” Al Sharpton. Sharpton’s entire career has been immersed in hatred, bigotry, division and even bloodshed. From the Tawana Brawley case, where Sharpton didn’t even believe that Brawley had been raped but went ahead anyway, accusing an innocent man who ended up committing suicide, to his campaign against Jewish storeowner Fred Harari that led to seven murders by one of Sharpton’s followers, right up to the Michael Brown shooting, the aftermath of which will turn out poorly as well, if Sharpton has anything to do about it anyway. Remember how these other agents for left-wing race baiting and division at least make it look like they’re genuinely calling for peace? Sharpton can’t even be bothered with anything more than the most cursory of that kind of posing. He was waiting for the grand jury decision like a kid on Christmas, with major protest demonstrations organized and ready to start in 28 cities across America. After the decision was released, he went on to call for a continued federal investigation into a case that has now been properly and legally laid to rest in the courts. Apparently, for Reverend Al, the courts only have validity if they do what he wants them to. Otherwise, he’ll just try to kick it up to other levels of government and openly abuse our legal system for his own personal gain. Sharpton called the verdict, “an absolute blow to those of us that wanted to see a fair and open trial.” Of course, how can you have a fair and open trial that starts with the abuse of the legal system to get the trial that you want, but is not supported by the established process of law? It reminds me of a western I saw once (the name escapes me) where a lawman told another man, “Don’t worry. You’ll get a fair trial, followed by a first class hangin’.” Other than the fact that Sharpton doesn’t have a Texas drawl, those are the kinds of words I imagine could come flowing quite comfortably from his lips. Sharpton has also announced that he will continue to “rally around the country” regarding the verdict. Obviously, he believes he can still milk more money and media attention from this death and the misery and devastation of this town, which is partly due to Sharpton stirring up unrest.

The bottom line here is, when these people who have built and protected their careers by promoting narratives that encourage people to feel like victims, to feel powerless and set upon by enemies who they have no chance to fight against, to feel cornered and pinned down with nowhere to go, no way to improve their lives by their own actions; do not believe them when they start acting surprised or shocked when all of this pressure they’ve been applying blows up. Don’t believe that they’re sincere when they call for peace; for calm and rational behavior. It’s the fear and the frustration that that they can manipulate into dependency that keeps their bank accounts full and their positions secure.

At the same time, the next time you say or think something about how you can’t believe people would destroy their homes and neighborhoods, stop and think about those who’ve been pressurizing these communities, as well as the communities and individuals who have bought into this horrible narrative about their own un-acceptionalism. Remember that this is what those who cash in on convincing others that America is an evil place filled with racists and self-serving, victimizing fat cats want. Realize that there really is nothing shocking when communities explode like this. The only really surprising thing is that we aren’t seeing this kind of ugliness more often, considering the decades of seeds that have been planted, especially in the soil of minority communities by self-serving liberals who are more focussed on their own selfish ends than the means. And, much like opening a bottle of shaken up soda, riots in places like Ferguson, Missouri are very easy to see and understand, both in terms of the causes and the inevitable effect. Unlike the bottle of soda, the clean-up is a lot more difficult and heartbreaking.


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