On April 18, 1775, three men rode across the countryside of colonial America to warn the population about the mobilization of the British army. Paul Revere and William Dawes rode to Lexington, Massachusetts, then on to Concord, along with Samuel Prescott. As they rode, they alerted every American they came across to the imminent threat that was coming their way. Many of those who they alerted rode as well, spreading the word even further across the countryside.

This is where we are today. The threats to our American way of life are numerous and coming from so many directions. Some are here and others are still coming. This isn’t to say that we should live in a state of fear or start seeing conspiracies behind every rock. But it does mean that we need to WAKE UP! We need to make ourselves aware of what’s really going on and we need to stand up for what’s right and stand against what’s wrong. There are so many more prolific voices out there, but I believe that every single one counts and I hope mine will as well. This page is about painting a fuller picture of our nation and what’s going on in it; not only the bad things that we must stand against, but also the good that we must applaud and support.

That’s it. I don’t know exactly what this blog will turn into, but if I can help just one American to wake up and make this country just a little better, then I’ll consider this worth any effort I put into it. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy this blog and that, if nothing else, something on it will make you think, no matter whether you end up agreeing with me or not.


Randy Lynch


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  1. I read your editorial of November 19 in the Sun-News regarding support of the police. Thanks for that. I served 22 years with LCPD (1979-2001), and know that too often police departments are their own worst enemies when it comes to positive press, because administrators seldom take the time to share the good deeds their officers do with, and for, the public. At the same time, most police officers are humble individuals that do not like to toot their own horn and draw attention to themselves. It’s nice when a member of the public takes the time to acknowledge what the officers are doing on the street. It can be a very negative job, because police officers see people at their worst, and often are unwelcome at the calls they respond to. So, again, even though I’m retired and don’t speak for LCPD or its officers, kudos for the positive comments. BTW, I wrote a book called Twenty (by J.R. Lonsway) about my experiences in the LCPD. It’s a collection of stories from those years. You can find it on Amazon and read excerpts, and it is also for sale at B&N on University, and Hastings on Lohman. Cheers.

    • Randy, I can’t even tell you how much your message means to me. It frustrates me badly when I see individuals and the press jump on some cop and label him as a bad cop without even having the facts in and then they seem to take a great deal of pleasure in painting all police with that same brush. Even here in Las Cruces, which has had virtually no cases of police showing corruption (not counting leadership…that can be a different issue at times) this narrative seems to run wild a lot. I’ve known quite a few cops out here and they’ve all been decent people with their hearts in the right place. It was my honor to be able to express my feelings about you all, past and present, in a local public forum. Today is Thanksgiving. My lights, including a huge number of blue lights, will be up by this weekend.

      Oh, and if you’d like to contact me directly at any time, my email is: midnightridenm@gmail.com. May you and yours be blessed this holiday season!

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